I got my start mapping in the Quake 2 modding days with BSP-based levels. I now focus on UE4 as well as the Source Engine.

I specialize in the design phase of world building, putting a heavy emphasis on gray-boxing, playtesting, and iterating on layouts and mechanics. I love the feedback loops that I get when testing my maps with real players. Getting into the finer details of what makes a level work is a true joy for me, and my favorite part of game development.


In addition to game design, I also have 7 years of professional coding experience, with experience at digital agencies as well as product companies. At these jobs I've helped build mobile, web and desktop apps for many different clients, spanning several industries. I've also spent considerable time in client-facing roles.

You can find me on GitHub here.

Through my agency work I've had the opportunity to build software for some fantastic brands: