I'm a software engineer and hobbyist video game developer.

I've been mapping since the Quake II modding days, and as such I have a knack for building out ideas in their most basic form. I take a fun-first approach to design; I don't begin detailing a map until I've thoroughly playtested it and I believe the layout and gameplay are as thrilling as they can possibly be.

I grew up adoring console games on the Sega Genesis and N64, but it wasn't until I was introduced to the PC gaming scene of the early 2000s that I became totally enamored by the idea of creating my own worlds for players to explore. I love iterating on ideas and the feedback loops that I get from testing my maps with real people.

I currently reside in New York, NY.  (if you're nearby let's get coffee!) 

You can reach me at or  @chow_land.